Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A week full of birthdays!

By the end of March, we're all borderline diabetic from the back to back birthday cakes we enjoy at our house. First on the calender is AJ's. I had a week full surprises and favors building up to awesome dates I had planned for the weekend. We had a blast on our group date, taking down little kids in laser tag and facing each other off in the arcade games.

and then out to dinner (with some table soccer while we were waiting...) and the Hunger Games movie on Saturday

After renovating Ellie's awkward corner into a reading nook/closet, I wanted to give Treson a room makeover for his birthday.

... and the big reveal:¬if_t=video_processed

and then for Treson's cake: there's a reason why there aren't any close up shots... but I think it was pretty good considering that this was the first time I've tried to carve a cake or made fondant...

Treson thanked me for his "taxi cake" hahahahaha I even put spoilers on the back to make it look cool....oh well...