Tuesday, December 2, 2008

sorry it's been a while

yeah... i haven't been on here for a while- sorry. I've been flat on my back for the past 3 weeks- but it's turning around nicely! first I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease, then it was a tight iliopsoas (a muscle that originates at the lower spine and inserts in the femur) on my right side, but now the doc thinks it's a tight sciatic nerve on my right side- in laymen's terms- it hurts tons to sit or stand. Good thing I only have ONE little guy to crawl after!

well AJ and I have composed our Christmas card letter- check it out!

This year our family hasn’t been bored
We’re grateful for our blessings from the Lord
It all started off with a family addition
A bouncing baby boy- filled with ambition
In August Mandy finished her bachelor’s degree
While Treson tagged along for the ride- yippie!
We packed up our things and headed up north
To be closer to AJ’s job here of course
We’ve settled quite nicely up in Taylorsville
Treson’s so curious he just can’t sit still
He’s got crawling down pat and can pull himself up
We’ve tried baby proofing with not much luck
He loves to dance, give high-five, and play
With two teeth already and some more on the way
The hubby is reconstructing an arcade
Won’t he be glad he’s done once it’s made
AJ is our church’s financial clerk
Which keeps him busy when he’s not at work
Mandy has picked up a couple of things
Blogging and cute crafts with ribbon and strings
With all this extra time she has on hand
Scrapbooking is a thing that has been un-banned
This year has been great and lots of fun
We’re excited to start another one
We’ll stop rhyming now- and we mean it!
- any one have a peanut?