Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July!

This was probably one of the best we've had- no pressure to go any where or to impress anyone but ourselves. We set off to buy fire works (yay for aerials!)and then to the parade. We caught a few pieces of candy, took a couple handouts and waved to a couple of beauty queens. Had lunch, a quick nap, and then moseyed over to the park for their 4th of July festival. We played some games, Treson got to ride some rides, and we came back home in time for dinner. THE BEST RIBS I'VE EVER MADE! along with corn on the cob, rolls, chips and grapes! perfect picnic food(if only it wasn't raining- I'm sure we would have had a blast on our lawn!) We watched a movie and then joined our neighbors outside to light fireworks in the street. I think my favorite was a "tropical fish" fountain from Black Cats. it was pretty awesome how we so many people were lighting aerial fireworks- I hope these stay legal!