Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ellie's Birthday party

Ellie's Pretty in Pink- Handsome in Blue party went really well! The photo shoot was a blast and the pictures turned out great! (Thanks Ny!) I made Ellie a cute little cupcake tower, but I didn't take any pictures of it cuz the icing got really messy and it didn't look that good... :(- but it still tasted amazing! We did get a funny video of her eating cake on her actual birthday though.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garden Party












I had a great time chatting it up and enjoying yummy food. Brunch consisted of chicken salad sandwiches, fresh fruit, spinach salad, lemonade, and cake. I ended up frosting the cakes with whipped cream rather than butter cream because both of the cake recipes (top:orange dreamsicle, bottom:margarita) instructed so. The pineapple flowers turned out well but were more so of a garnish. And to top it all off the guests were sent home with strawberry plant party favors!

I'm so lucky to have such fun-spirited friends:D Thanks for the fun memories!