Monday, April 13, 2009

yay for more home videos!

Treson's birthday party bits at lats!!!! I hope you all enjoy!

musical tubs!

Tub races!- Treson got scared and started crying- sad but still kinda funny

birthday cake time!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

easter EGG HUNT

There's a picture of me when I was about 7 months old (mom please correct me if I'm wrong)where I'm in a cute spring outfit with a little bonnet crawling in the grass with a pretty plastic egg in hand. The epitome of Easter morning. So I couldn't help myself when I dressed Treson up and scourered the internet for places and times for easter egg hunts around town. I was so excited to get pictures of him bending over and delicately picking up a plastic egg and putting it in our little baggie- we even practiced in our living room before we left!

When we got there, the green field in my fantasy was replaced by a roller skating rink... surrounded by a swarm of closely packed parents. we stood waiting in the appropriate section (0-3 yr olds) behind heads of other parents for about 15 minutes. There must have been a 1:32 still on the clock when the circle collapsed in and the mad rush started. I guess a toddler was too jazzed by their parents pep talk that they ran in and started grabbing- other parents ran in themselves clawing at the floor. I was trying to carefully get into the rink to set Treson down somewhere to pick up an egg, but the ground was sprawled with mothers with baskets already half full. I saw a father coming back from the middle and with a disappointed look on his face and say "it looks like they are all gone." I kinda sighed and reciprocated a weary smile understanding that his kid didn't get any eggs either.

well to say the least- I was disappointed. More in the mothers than with the situation. It took me awhile to get over my childish disappointment and be comforted by the fact that Treson wasn't upset and didn't know (or care) what he missed. I know my husbands going to hate me for my charity, but I started giving these mothers the benefit of the doubt. Maybe this was the only Easter they could provide for their kids and they wanted to reuse the eggs for tomorrow morning.
.... I'm still trying to think of something positive that I got out of being there but it's hard to find. bit of wasted time I guess, and it wasn't pleasant to be in a mob of desperate parents. I guess we'll stick to hunting in our own yard tomorrow; we'll post some of those Kodak moment photos along with video of birthday party tomorrow.