Sunday, September 2, 2012

26 going on 40?

This last Friday was my 27th birthday and we had a fun celebrating "Birthday Week." Went out to eat, explored the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point, Spiderman movie date night, shopping and scoring some awesome freebies, mini golf as a family, out to breakfast with friends, and an amazing Turtle Brownie Cheesecake. And because my birthday shares the same weekend as labor day, we get to extend the celebration through Monday and stroll around the beautiful Red Butte Gardens.

I definitely had some awesome highs, but some weird lows this week. I woke up on Thursday to my eyes swollen shut and my face itchy and blotchy and doing all sorts of funky things... well it turns out that my nighttime creams reacted badly to a new face wash I just switched too... Lesson learned: don't use salicylic acid with Finacia. I tried icing my face and benadryl... with some help. By Friday my face was still pretty swollen and stiff. that they brought out new wrinkles I defiantly was not expecting at 27!  It was like my face was saying "if you don't moisturize you're going to look like this sooner than you want!" dedicating most of Saturday to "calm my face down" I found the prefect combination!

Blended oatmeal with black tea mask (oatmeal to reduce redness and black tea to reduce swelling)
gentle exfoliation with a soft cloth
and *drum roll please*
baby Aquaphor

the Aquaphor really helped with the irritation and kept my skin from drying out. I put a thin layer on after washing off the mask and another layer after I washed my face at night. I woke up this morning and the results are amazing!

So I hope if any of you find your face in a pickle that this helps!