Sunday, October 17, 2010

so in love!

when we found out we were having another child, I was secretly wanting a boy. I could remain the "queen" of my castle so to speak, and we could easily use all of our boy stuff again!(talk about economical!) I wasn't disappointed when I had a girl though, exactly the opposite in fact. We named her Krishelle, after my middle name my mom came up with, and I get to dress her up in all sorts of cute clothes! She's so affectionate and happy with brief episodes of feminine hysteria. I just can't get enough of her- she just makes me want to spoil her rotten- I literally have no choice!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

failure and success

Never count a discouraging result as a failure- rather it's a chance to reconsider and reformulate your plan to produce desired effects. (didn't some famous dead guy say something about the definition of insanity- expecting a different result by repeating the same actions?)

Well I've hit a wall with Treson's potty training. he was doing really REALLY well.... until he told me (after me suggesting the potty) "nnnnoo! I go in dyper." there was a short spurt of regular potty-going when I bribed him with new toys- but that died down all too soon. I'm now trying to put him in big boy underwear (I call them big boy panties) with a diaper over top. I'm figuring- this way he'll feel the consequences of not going in the potty and there will be very little cleanup on my part! Friends have told me it's nothing to push- and he'll go when his ready.... and I'm being careful not to- but I just hope this little trick will act as a catalyst.

and now for the success!
ok so maybe there are a couple...
Ellie is sitting up now- all-by-herself! It'll last 3 minutes tops (enough time for me to snap a couple shots). she absolutely loves it. She loves to view, and toy accessibility, and most of all our reaction to it all!

Treson wrote his first "T" the other day!!! by the time I got the camera there was some additions- including the dirt.... but you can kinda see it in the middle of the picture

and last- (and probably least)... I made a perfect fortune cookie- first time ever!

I'll throw this picture in for good measure. I love you AJ :D