Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whats happened to today's music?

First of all, hello everyone. This is my debut in the blogging world. Thought I would take advantage of my wife setting up this blog for us and finally post something.

There has been something going through my head for the past few weeks now. It is the difference between American music and other nationalities music. It seems like American music has become nothing more than a fancy beat and some words thrown in. Now I know there are plenty of exceptions but I am talking about the music as a whole. I don't know about other languages other than Spanish and Portuguese but it seems like music in those languages has a lot more depth to it. They have the beat and they have great lyrics that go along. That is just one of the many blessings that I took away from the mission. Being able to understand the language now I get so much more out of their music. Before I would just listen to the beat and dance some salsa or bachata or something now as I dance and understand the words it adds another level of appreciation.

On a separate but related point. I miss the good old days of entertainment (movies especially) where actors and actresses could do more than just read a script and rely on special effects. I love watching older movies when they can dance, sing, act and have a variety of talents. Even though they didn't have the best graphics back then, I will take their plot lines and actors abilities over any block buster hit. It seems like all Hollywood is doing is spitting out movies that have nothing of substance but full of special effects.

Anyways this is just some random late night post. Hope you are all doing well.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Enough of all these insights- I know what you want, so here it is.

Treson is a funny one! goodness- he's having a blast rolling everywhere! We can barley keep him in one place on his back! This proves to be especially difficult when it comes time to change his diaper. He wants to crawl- we can see it in his eyes, so it'll come soon.
He's been QUITE fussy as of late, so maybe some teeth will pop out soon! We'll be sure to post teeth pictures when they do.
but for now- we have these for you to see.



Saturday, September 6, 2008

SS: Energy Drinks and a Presidential candidate

How in the world are these two related? Maybe McCain is an avid consumer; or he could be secretly campaigning against this cash cow industry. Probably not. In fact they only share the same sentence because I felt like addressing both single and separately- but at the same time. (did that make sense?)

I recently saw this commercial advertising a low calorie energy water which used a less than classy technique. They were comparing their competition with their own, pointing out the fact that the other leading power water had an enormous amount of calories. The actors who were staged in a gym seemed baffled that they had to run another 6 mile to burn off what they had just consumed. HA!
Calories = energy! Hello- the whole point of these drinks are to have more energy.
Sure- if you are a little on the pudgy side and want to loose weight, then by all means- drink this new water (or just regular water!) and let your body metabolize your own energy stores. BUT if you want to be active and competitive in a sport or activity then go for the increased caloric intake.

Now for McCain. I wanted to express my concern for the fact that Sen. McCain was a P.O.W. Does that not worry any of you? There's emotional scarring that comes with that. Makes you wonder if he's any way desensitized or has a hidden agenda to retaliate his oppressors once he becomes President. What if the pressures of the office surpass his breaking point?
He's a powerful leader and I'm sure he would make some great changes, but you just have to wonder- what risk am i taking if I vote for him.

well that's all folks! until next time-