Saturday, July 28, 2012

Spy Party

  For the privacy of the individuals and places, only stock photos were used in this post.... (this may or may not be a direct result of our camera's battery dieing on us at the last minute... )


It all started with the invitations, which we placed in manila envelopes and doorbell ditched on our friends door steps.  They read as follows:

Warning order:
Priority one: Secure your location.
If you are reading this, you and your partner have been selected to embark on a Top Secret Mission. The details of which must be treated with confidentiality.
Your eyes only as follows: Your mission will commence south of the nearest ecclesiastical structure, July 20th, 2030 hours. Dress in dark apparel and running shoes. Your Contact will meet you there with further instruction on your mission objective and provide you with the necessary equipment. 
If you choose to accept this mission, signal your handler by listing your names on the paper affixed to the underside of your mailboxes. Do so discreetly and within the 24 hr acceptance window upon receiving this message.

Burn after reading.

When the night came, we surprised our friends with a little treasure hunt where they had to find glow stick necklaces. These were either one of two colors which later were used to separate the group into teams for night games.   
After a couple rousing rounds of capture the flag (or in this case "capture the secrete government document") and sardines we came back to our house for:

 Traitor tots

Chips and Seven Layer Dip-olmatic immunity

lil' smoking guns

and Dead Drop Cookies 
which were actually chocolate chip, but the chocolate was hiding in the center as the secrete surprise) 

Then we had one last twist that went along with the drinks: an idea I found on Pinterest  where clear drinks change color once they are poured into prepared cups.  I had rigged most of them to turn blue and only one to turn red- exposing "the mole" in the group!

Among the snacks, the table top decorations included, old passports, flash light, bullet shells, sunglasses, and black gloves.

The hubbs and I both had a great time- even though we're not as young as we used to be, this definitely took us back to our collage dating days!


Leslie said...

This is such a cute idea, Mandy! You should really be a party planner. :)

Dave and Camille said...

Wow, that is awesome! It makes me want to throw another party. Way to go! said...

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