Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year End

This year was great filled with trips out the door,
we always had plans for the weekend.
With Moab, camping, and concerts galore,
It’s sad to see this fun year end.

AJ finished his Masters and advanced at work,
He said no to other job offers.
Traveling to Mexico was quite a fine perk,
and running a 5k with others.

Mandy’s cracked the whip on their home repair,
and has time to make a new baby.
She plans fun things and makes goodies to share,
and has fun dates with her hubby.

Soccer and preschool are Treson’s new things,
and Ellie is quite the cute dancer.
With their smiles they know how to pull on our strings
But “thank you” is always their answer.

The Family’s had fun this whole year long,
Reunions and holidays with our small throng.
It’s nice to know that we all get along,
in our little paradise corner.


Brent and Anne said...

Cute poem! Here's to another great year!

Tom Allen said...

good post